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Adult Ministries

Life Groups


Our adult Life Groups provide a time of intense focus on God's Word in order to equip the Christian to face the challenges found at home, at work, and in their community while providing excellent opportunities for building relationships. These classes meet at 10:00 AM every Sunday morning! We invite you to join a class and grow with us!

Relationship Builders

Age Group: 18-24

Life Builders

Age Group: 25-39

Legacy Builders

Age Group: 40-54

Faith Builders

Age Group: 55-70

Grace Builders

Age Group: 71+

Bible Studies


Our Bible studies are a great opportunity to forge personal relationships while growing in your faith through the study of the God's word. Join us for these times of connection, growth and fellowship.


Ladies Bible Study


Men's Prayer Breakfast

Young At Heart Bible Study | 55+

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