Our History

We Have Come This Far By Faith
(A brief history of how the Lord began Eagledale Baptist Church, and how He led us to become Crosspointe Baptist Church)

Written by Dr. Warren Dafoe, Pastor Emeritus

On Wednesday, January 26, 1956, six people (Rev. Charles Smith of the Victory Baptist Church, Indianapolis; Missionary Paul Vincent; Joe and Virginia Watson; Jack and Betty Whitesell) met in the home of Jack and Betty Whitesell, 5 Bingham Court, in the growing subdivision of Eagledale to prayerfully consider starting a new church.  Under the leadership of Missionary Paul Vincent, The Eagledale Baptist Fellowship was established, which would be a weekly prayer meeting. This would lead to the establishment of a Bible preaching and teaching church in the Eagledale area. Saturday and Sunday afternoons were devoted to calling through the Eagledale neighborhoods, telling people about the plans to establish a church, and talking to people about their need of Jesus Christ as personal Savior.

We Have Come This Far By Faith

On Sunday, June 5, 1956, with tears of joy and praise, after singing, “Where He Leads Me,” a charter membership roll was signed by twelve people and the church was birthed.

In May of 1956, a constitution was adopted by the church members, and in June, Articles of Incorporation were filed with the state of Indiana. The growing group was now officially EAGLEDALE BAPTIST CHURCH.

We Have Come This Far By Faith

On the Sunday morning of July 22, 1956, the first Sunday school and Sunday morning church service was held with 15 people in attendance.

Services were regularly held in a white-framed building on the south side of 30th Street, just east of the Georgetown Road and 30th Street corner.

Soon this building was too small for the growing congregation. With 15 members and NO money in the treasury, 2 1/2 acres of land with an old brick house on it, which had seen the Civil War come and go, located at 4950 West 34th Street was bought by faith in August 1956. This would be the new home of the Eagledale Baptist Church. At this time, the morning church service attendance had increased to 30. The inside of the old brick building was renovated by removing walls so church services could be held there. The choir sat in a room on the left side of the congregation. Joe Watson, a church member, built a pipe organ and played it for all of the church services.

We Have Come This Far By Faith

A full schedule of services was held at the new location, including DVBS, a church picnic and fellowship dinners.

As the congregation grew, the need for a pastor was apparent. Several men served as interim pastors, but on September 13, 1956, Rev. Warren E. Dafoe was called to be the pastor.

Stepping out by faith, he began his pastoral ministry in January 1957. Under Pastor Dafoe’s ministry, the attendance and membership grew rapidly. As the attendance grew, Sunday school classes for children and teens were held in the basement, garage, and living room of Joe and Virginia Watson’s home, which was located next door to the old brick house where the congregation met for church services.

We Have Come This Far By Faith

With $1,000.00 in the building fund, plans were made by faith for a new building to house the growing church.  In July 1957, a groundbreaking ceremony was held, also by faith. In June 1965, Warren P. Dafoe joined his father on the pastoral staff as Youth Pastor and Sunday School Director.

Soon, it was apparent that Sunday school and auditorium space was needed. Plans were made to build more room. A groundbreaking service was held on October 15, 1967, to build on the north side of the existing building. This new auditorium and the “Gold Room” Sunday school space were dedicated on April 26, 1970.

We Have Come This Far By Faith

Eagledale Christian School was established in the fall of 1976.

In September 1980, fifteen acres of land three blocks north of the church property was purchased to provide ball and recreation fields for the church and school.

To accommodate the school, a gymnasium/school classroom building was built and dedicated on October 5, 1980.

In July 1982, Rev. Warren P. Dafoe became Associate Pastor. In January 1985, Dr. Warren E. Dafoe retired as pastor and his son, Warren P. Dafoe, became the senior pastor.

During Pastor Warren P. Dafoe’s leadership, the south front of the building, the auditorium and the main lobby were renovated. A special dedication service was held on June 2, 1991.

In November of 2000, we began a ministry to Spanish speaking people in our area.

On June 4, 2006, the church family celebrated 50 years of history with special services.

We Have Come This Far By Faith

In October of 2006, Pastor Dafoe asked us to take a journey of faith with him to relocate. The church voted to relocate to property on the west side of Indianapolis.

In January of 2007, the church voted to purchase the Celebration’s Catering and Banqueting Facility at 220 Country Club Road.

In January of 2008, Rev. Warren P. Dafoe retired as pastor, and Lew Hunter served as interim pastor.

During the spring of 2008, twenty-five acres of land with existing buildings located at 220 Country Club Road was purchased and the church buildings and properties on west 34th Street were sold.

Because of the pending relocation, the congregation of Eagledale Baptist Church voted to change its name to Crosspointe Baptist Church.

A building committee proposed plans to develop the land and build buildings at the new location as the congregation grows and more room is needed.

In June of 2008, Dr. Rick Arrowood became the senior pastor.  Through the summer months, “the people had a mind to work” as renovations to the existing buildings at the new location were completed to house Sunday School, church services and the school academy.

The first service of Crosspointe Baptist Church was held on Wednesday, August 13, 2008, and a full schedule of services was held on Sunday, August 17th. Crosspointe Christian Academy began classes on Monday, August 18th.

A dedication service for the new location and renovated buildings was held on September 7, 2008.

We Have Come This Far By Faith!

Weekly Schedule


Sunday School (Infants - HS) - 9:30am
Adult Bible Studies - 9:30 am
Morning Worship - 10:45am   
Choir Practice - 4:30pm
Evening Service - 6pm


Prayer Meeting - 7pm
Children's Program - 7pm


Reformer’s Unanimous - 7pm


Visitation - 10am